About Us

Claudia Alan Inc was launched in 2003 with a mission to create “beautiful accessories that make a difference.” All programs under Claudia Alan incorporate an element of giving back to the community or the Environment.

Brand Keys
Beautiful Products
Exceptional Customer Service
Respect for People and the environment
Claudia Alan Inc.’s expertise lies in the creation and execution of specialty accessory programs. With a focus on eyewear, founder Carla D’Angelo brings over 20 years of marketing, importing and design experience together to create unique programs.

From concept to completion Claudia Alan has the expertise to help organizations realize significant market share growth.

“Put together spectacular landscapes, unique experiences, and a vibrant living culture and you have a remarkable opportunity to thrive in the tourism business. Nowhere can this be more true than with Aboriginal tourism products, of which there are stunning examples across Canada.” – Tourism Canada Magazine

“It is truly a wonderful honour to be associated with such a passionate and caring company. At ONEXONE we believe in helping children one by one as well as the power of each individual to make a difference and nowhere is this more apparent than in the partnership we’ve developed with Claudia Alan/AYA Accessories.” – Joey Adler, ONEXONE